/ F2 Quart

industrial system for high-temperature 3D printing.

Choose which printer you need:
detailed printing with filament or fast printing with granules
A unique system for providing the
required temperature environment
with high uniformity of heating
Ease of use
Original electronics and intuitive interface

/ F2 Quart

Industrial system for high-temperature 3D printing.

With a print area of 600*600*600 mm and a chamber temperature of up to 160°C, you no longer have to wonder whether you can print what you have in mind.

You can.
F2 Quart
New, enhanced, high-temperature
Novelty of 2022, the F2 Quart printing complex allows you print with pellets or filaments with no restrictions, this printer has taken all the best from F2 Lite and F2 Pro, see for yourself.

The F2 Quart printer is a professional system
for high-temperature 3D FDM or FGF printing.
In FDM/FFF version:

two independent high-temperature extruders (up to 550°C) support printing with not only standard polymers (ABS, PLA, PP, etc.) and engineering polymers (ASA, PC, ABS + CF, etc.), but also with high-temperature polymers such as PEEK , PEKK, Ultem, PEEK + CF, etc.
In FGF version:

pellet extruder is equipped with a three-zone extruder heating technology, which ensures uniform heating of the material, high mixing quality, and optimal material lay-out parameters, which affects the final quality of the resulting product.

F2 printing technology
We have developed an FDM/FFF 3D printing technology to open up new possibilities for the use of additive technologies in any industry, making 3D printing with any material fast and of high quality for every manufacturer.
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Diameter of nozzles
FGF - 1 / 1,5 / 3 / 5 / 8 mm
FFF - 0,4 / 0,6 / 0,8 / 1 m
heating up to 160°С with convection
Printing area
up to 600*600*600 мм
Heated bed
quick-change printing platform heated to 160°С
User Interface
original electronics and intuitive interface
FGF - pellet (up to 500°С)
FFF - two high temperature (up to 550°C)
User Interface

Original electronics and intuitive interface

Minimal training is required; by looking at the interface, you will immediately understand how to operate the printer.
Printing chamber

Heated up to 160°C chamber
with forced convection

Forced convection of the chamber and uniform heating allows printing large-sized parts with high interlayer adhesion.

Parts of any size do not delaminate or deform.
Extruders in FDM/FFF version

Two high temperature extruders allow you to print with a full range of available materials

F2 printing technology provides ultra-fast heating of the extruder to the operating temperature in 3-10 seconds, with high melt maintenance accuracy.
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Extruder in FGF version

Pellet extruder

The technology of three-zone heating of pellets inside the extruder ensures uniform material feed and high quality of the printed item.
Built-in air filters

Built-in air filtration system traps all particles

When heated, several plastics can allocate harmful substances, for example, vapors of styrene derivatives, hydrocyanic acid, acetaldehyde.

Built-in high-temperature filters block not only harmful particles, but also unpleasant odours.
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printing bed

Quick-change print platform heated to 160°C

The quick-change printing bed makes the printing process fast and easy.

This avoids damage to models with large dimensions, and also allows you to use the printer almost without interruptions between printing processes.
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We design our printers with care and love - from sketch to final product,
so that you can be confident in every layer of printing on F2 printers.